Intl. Jp.CH. Viki of Entrance Garden JP

Sire: Intl. Pol. Ned. Esp. Am.CH. Aluegoaa Del Cornijal
(World Champion in 2001 and 2002. He has got CC at Crufts in 2002.
His children also got Best of Breed at Crufts in 2004,
at Westminster in 2007 and became No.1 Mini-bull in the US in 2007 and 2008.)

Dam: Intl. Am. Jp. CH. Eiraght Don't Ask(R)
#1 Terrier, #6 in all-breed in Japan in 2003
Best of Bred at Great Western Terrier Show in 2005
Best of Opposite Sex at Eukanuba in 2006

Shellie May of Entrance Garden ☆PEDIGREE☆  ☆First Show☆

*Please read before contact us*
Conditions for Transferring Puppies←Click Here
We will never let our puppies go to another home unless
you are willing to come visit our kennel in person and let us explain
characteristics of the breed.
We will never give away our puppies just by e-mails and phone calls.

We are now done with DNA testing for PLL.
From now on, breeding with a parent who is “clear” and
preventing PLL from occurring is possible!
I will only breed a PLL carrier or affected dog to a PLL clear dog.

Our kennel goal is to breed Mini-Bulls of top quality for dog shows
And to enjoy our lives with the breed, Mini-Bulls.

-We do not breed just for sale (for business)
-We do not agreed to the breeding for sale, either
-We will happily agree to breed for no charge if our goals are on the same page
-We do not breed a white with a white (recessive inheritance)
-We make it a rule to breed, at most,twice a year in order to avoid lowering
 the quality of the breeding.

※Our purpose of breeding is to breed puppies of great quality and health.