We have some conditions needed to be agreed by our puppies’ new home.
You need to come visit our kennel in person and let me explain the breed no matter what.
You need to have minimum knowledge about the breed BEFORE you own a Mini-bull.

Price of puppies range from US$2,000 to US$2,500, but mostly US$2,000.

1. japan is the only country which expensive puppies are sold just because they are eye-punched.
Our kennel does not change the price based on eye-punched or colored.
People will notice that quality is more important than eye-punched.
Our pedigree line is based on those dogs that are currently and successfully shown
around the world and their mothers are champions, as well.

2.New owners get to choose a puppy by the order of contacting us,
we will not take deposit or anything until we find puppy a new home.

3.If you are not satisfied with the puppies, you are welcome to wait until the next breeding.

4.If you change your mind, you can cancel a puppy anytime.

5.Please some enough time to study the breed before actually own a Mini-bull.

6.We do not accept an impulsive purchase.

7.Before meeting puppies, we would like you to meet their parents first.
Because puppies look like their parents or their grandparents,
so if you know how their parents look like, you can expect how the puppies look like in near future.

8.Of course, puppies are the cutest thing in the world,
but we never want to give our puppies to someone would decide to buy a mini-bull just by a puppy photo.

9.There is a possibility that we are not able to give you a puppy if s/he turns out to have possibilities to be a show dog.

10.If you are interested in showing the dog, we will give you a puppy on a priority basis.
However please note that there are always possibilities that the puppy will end up having problems
with such as limbs through the process of development of their body.

11.If you agree to show, we are willing to offer a puppy for a better price.

About the home environment :
If you face to any of the conditions below, please reconsider the ownership of Mini-bull.
-If any member of your family is against having a dog at your home.
-If your apartment or house does not allow you to own a dog.
-If you have a children under the age of 5.
-If you are not at home most of the time during the day
-If you already own a dog.

Process until you welcome a puppy to your home:
If you meet the conditions above, please contact me at minibull@jcom.home.ne.jp.
After we receive your e-mail, we will arrange the date for you to visit our kennel and
meet our Mini-bulls, which helps you to understand the puppies quality, personality, and size etc, etc.

About PLL (Primary Lens Luxation)
Effective September 2009, DNA test for PLL is available.
With the testing, we are now able to breed dogs that have not carriers or risks!

About reselling and transferring of the dog
-We forbid to resell or transfer our dogs to a third person.
-If there is any problem and condition that makes you hard to keep your dog,
Please return the dog to me.
-We never allow our dogs to be helped by any organization to rescue dogs, so please
talk to me if there is anything and you cannot keep your dog.

About breeding:
It is my philosophy that the purpose of breeding is to produce a dog that is close to the standard.
If I find a puppy a dog with good quality, I would show him or her and keep them for the next generation.
There is no point of breeding if you plan to sell all the puppies from the beginning.
So please let me know before you plan on breeding your dog that is from me.
We forbid breeding without considering standard and health problems.

Entrance Garden Miniature Bullterrier
Koji and Takako Iriguchi
1-36-19 Higashi Motomachi, Kokubunji
Tokyo, 185-0022, Japan
Tel: +81-90-6040-2350
E-mail: minibull@jcom.home.ne.jp